Best Buy is now charging $25 to get rid of your old TV due to rising costs

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If you're looking to recycle your old TV or computer monitor at Best Buy, it'll now cost you.

The Minnesota-based company announced Monday it will start charging $25 to recycle those items, but other products – such as batteries, ink cartridges, computers and printers – are still free to recycle at stores nationwide.

Best Buy, which calls itself an industry leader in e-waste recycling since launching its program in 2009, says it has added the $25 fee because recycling costs have risen sharply, and the price for recycled glass (a component in TVs and monitors) has fallen.

Stores in Pennsylvania and Illinois will stop recycling TVs and computer monitors altogether because laws in those states don't allow the company to charge a fee, the release says.

"Our goal has always been to simply break even on our recycling program, and we’re not there today," Best Buy Vice President of Public Affairs and Sustainability Laura Bishop said in a statement.

The retailer's recycling program earned it "brownie points" in the community, and also helped increase traffic into stores, the Business Journal says.

But now as more cities and counties cut their recycling programs due to cost, Bishop says Best Buy shouldn't "be the sole e-cycling provider in any given area, nor should we assume the entire cost."

Best Buy joins a list of government recycling agencies across the country, including in Hennepin and Carver counties, that now charge a fee for disposal of certain electronics, the Star Tribune says.

Where to recycle electronics

For more information on the products Best Buy recycles, click here. If Best Buy doesn't take it, you can call 1-800-RECYCLING to find out where products can be recycled – and how much it'll cost.

The Environmental Protection Agency also has a list of different companies, agencies and donation centers that accept electronics and other items. The website lets you search by product or company to find additional recycling information.

And if you live in the Twin Cities, visit for more information what products you can recycle and where.

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