Best Buy is selling an app-controlled evil R2-D2

The sought-after gadget will go on sale next month.

Star Wars app-controlled droid toys are expected to be one of the biggest sellers this coming Holiday season, and Best Buy has its hands on an exclusive.

Best Buy is the only retailer to be stocking the R2-Q5, described as the "evil twin" of everyone's favorite Star Wars droid R2-D2.

It's the latest creation of Sphero, which has made a line of interactive and programmable toys that can be controlled by your smart phone or tablet.

Others in the collection include the BB-8, the (also evil) BB-9E and R2-D2 itself.

Unlike R2-D2's white and blue design, the R2-Q5 is a sleek black and gold droid, fitting for its service in the Galactic Empire.

What does it do?

Available in stores and online starting Nov. 5, Sphero's R2-Q5 can be moved using your connected device, or left to patrol on its own, as well as interacting with other Sphero droids.

If you watch a Star Wars movie with the droid next to you, it will interact with the movie.

It'll set you back a hefty $199.99, the same price as other Sphero droids this Christmas.

It comes as Best Buy and other retailers ramp up their Star Wars collections ahead of the release of the hugely anticipated Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi this coming December.

The droid appeared in Return of the Jedi

Only the most eagle-eyed of Star Wars fans will have caught the R2-Q5 in the original trilogy, with the blog Stockholm Droid Factory taking a screengrab of the moment some appear in the background 3:20 minutes into Return of the Jedi.

It also made a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance in a deleted scene of Jedi.

The scene was finally released as part of a Blu-Ray collection – you can watch it below.

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