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Best Buy is tempting you to buy stuff with free holiday shipping again

It's officially "Free shipping deals" season.

No more adding a random $7 item to your Best Buy order to score that free shipping (at least for a couple months).

Best Buy is offering free shipping on basically all items – with no order minimum – from now through Christmas Eve, as first reported by CNBC.

Normally you've got to reach $35 before free shipping kicks in.

The deal is from Oct. 23 through Dec. 24 this year, Best Buy's site says.

There are a few exceptions: Special order delivery items, some scheduled delivery items, and items that are listed as "In Store Only" or "Check Stores" aren't eligible, the help page says.

Sales, sales, sales

Best Buy is competing intensely with Target, Amazon and Walmart especially for holidays sales. And every edge counts.

That's where deals like this one come in. Best Buy offered the same free shipping last year, and this year seems to be the first major retailer to put its holiday delivery cards on the table.

Target also did free shipping in 2015 on all orders during the holiday season. The retailer hasn't laid out this year's plans (though one group says a leaked ad shows they'll repeat).

Then there's Amazon, which as of now has its usual "$49 or more for qualified products" free shipping method – or, free two-day shipping if you're an Amazon Prime member (with a few items same-day delivery).

Walmart did not offer free shipping over the holidays in 2015, but orders over $50 were free as usual. And like Target, no word on 2016 holiday plans.

Over the entire holiday period last year, people spent $626.1 billion (yes, with a 'b') dollars, a retail sales advocacy group said. That same group is expecting it to go up again this year.

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The Richfield-based retailer announced a free-shipping offer for all online orders from Nov.1 thru Dec. 27. Best Buy offered a similar service last holiday season with some restrictions, but now the retailer will ship any item from their online inventory.