Best Buy landed some 'unicorn'-level rare video game Amiibo

If you know what Amiibo are, you know this is kind of a big deal.
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Trying to find a Lucina is difficult. "Unicorn"-level difficult, according to both this Reddit obtainability listing and IGN.

So if you've been hunting for one, know that Best Buy is going to be getting some in stock – exclusively – in just a couple weeks.

But let's back up a second, in case you're wondering what in the heck we're talking about.

Seriously, what?

This Lucina we're talking about is an Amiibo – a little action figure, basically – that when you place near a Wii U or Nintendo DS, actually interacts with and affects the game you're playing. Here's Nintendo's little promo video for them.

They were crazy popular last year, bringing in $1.7 billion from April through September alone, GameRant reported. In total, Nintendo shipped 24.7 million Amiibo figures during the 2015 fiscal year, Gamespot said.

Lucina is a video game character from the Nintendo game Fire Emblem Awakening. She was made into an Amiibo in May of 2015. If you want a look at Lucina, here you go.

And then quickly sold out. Since then, landing a Lucina has been difficult, with Reddit and IGN (as mentioned above) assigning it "unicorn" status. That's the most rare classification. Here's Reddit's description:

Best Buy is getting Lucina – and more

But now this Lucina is going to be available again. As will other characters Gold Mario, (unicorn to moderate), Pit (unicorn), Samus (unicorn), Mega Man, and Sonic (difficult to moderate).

The retailer says the Amiibo will get in on Oct. 14 (that's a Friday). You can pre-order them as well (click each name above), with the price listed at $12.99.

Lucina is generally around $30 on Ebay right now.

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