Best Buy rolls out wedding registry for millennials who crave gadget gifts

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Forget the fine china and silverware, Best Buy is banking on engaged couples wanting iPads and HD televisions when they get married.

The Richfield-based retailer has entered the wedding market, launching a wedding registry online at the end of last month. It will be rolling out registry kiosks in more than 1,000 stores by April, reports say.

The electronics giant is looking to tap into a growing market of millennials who are moving away from traditional gift items, and instead want to fill their home with cutting-edge gadgets.

"Electronics and small appliances are as important to today's newlyweds as silverware and towels," Wendy Fritz, Best Buy head of gift strategy, told the Associated Press.

That's not to say Best Buy's registry is more appropriate to outfit a "man cave" than a marital home: it sells more than its fair share of home and kitchenware more traditionally found on registries, such as stand mixers, vacuums, blenders and coffee makers.

Appealing to women

The motivation behind the move, according to the Star Tribune, is broadening its appeal to women, who it says "pull a lot of the strings when it comes to major household purchases."

Best Buy told the newspaper that some women want their partners to be more involved in the wedding registry process, and this could be a way of grabbing their attention.

One area where men definitely seem to be getting more involved is online registries, with declaring 2015 the "Year of the Groom," according to CNBC.

The website allows people to compile a wedding registry across multiple retailers – of which Best Buy is now one – and found that there was a 30 percent increase in male-selected items on site in the past year, which is expected to be surpassed in 2015.

"We were really surprised to see how many guests were adding tool sets from Home Depot or high-powered flashlights from Lowe's," MyRegistry president Nancy Lee told CNBC. "The kind of preconceived notion of what a gift registry is supposed to be is getting overshadowed little by little by reality."

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