Best Buy to carry a mass-market smart watch starting July 7


Taking a page from a Dick Tracy comic, Best Buy has announced it will begin selling the Pebble "smart watch" in its stores Sunday.

As the Star Tribune reports, the Richfield-based retailer beat Apple to the punch, "in the race to expand mobile computing beyond smartphones and tablets."

It's just like a smart phone except, you know, it's on your wrist.

The smart watch alerts users to e-mails, text messages and phone calls via Bluetooth connections to devices running on Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems, says the Strib. Consumers also can remotely control their music from services like iTunes and Spotify.

USA Today lists some other compatibility issues here.

And TechCrunch weighs in with this: "Retail availability at a major chain is a huge step for Pebble, which has handled orders via its website until now, after completing a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign last year to fund the smartwatch’s development."

For now, only in jet black, with cherry red coming in August. And WCCO-TV notes it’s already available at Best Buy’s website at a price of $149.99.

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