Best Buy will pay $3.8M over charge it sold items – after they'd been recalled

Best Buy is paying $3.8 million to settle a charge that it sold about 600 items to customers – even after those items had been recalled.
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Best Buy is paying $3.8 million to settle a charge that it sold about 600 items to customers – even after those items had been recalled.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (a federal government agency in charge of keeping people safe from the stuff they buy) had accused the electronics giant of selling 16 different types of products from 2010 through 2015, that should have been off the shelves because they were recalled.

On Monday, the agency said Best Buy has agreed to pay a $3.8 million civil penalty to the U.S. government to settle the charge. (Here's the agreement if you want to read it.)

The types of recalled items that Best Buy sold anyway, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, included a dishwasher, office chairs, a laptop, a TV, washers and dryers, an oven, and more. You can find the full list – with all the recall information – here.

In addition, the agency said Best Buy didn't have a good enough process in place to find and remove those recalled products, and then didn't follow through on blocking the items they needed to. And then some of those items continued to be sold, even after Best Buy told the safety commission it had put measures into place to make sure they weren't sold, according to the allegations.

The agreement and civil penalty do not mean Best Buy admits to any of the behavior the Consumer Product Safety Commission said happened.

Best Buy, in a statement from spokesperson Bianca Jones, said:

“We regret that any products within the scope of a recall were not removed entirely from our shelves and online channels. While the number of items accidentally sold was small, even one was too many."

The retailer also said it's taken steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Part of the agreement, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says, requires Best Buy to create and enforce a method for keeping track of recalled items.

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