Best Buy's new goal: reduce its carbon footprint 60 percent by 2020

Here's how the company plans to do it.

Best Buy isn't shy when it comes to talking about climate change. 

In 2015, the retailer was one of four major Minnesota companies to join a White House initiative to combat climate change, and pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by 45 percent by 2020.

Last year, Best Buy exceeded that goal – four years ahead of schedule.

So now the company announced a new goal: to reduce its carbon emissions by 60 percent by 2020. That's the equivalent of removing 32,000 cars from the road for an entire year.

“After hearing from employees and customers impacted by the recent devastating weather events, we are more motivated than ever to move the needle on climate change,” Best Buy’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Laura Bishop in a news release.

Best Buy says sustainability has been a priority for the company for nearly a decade.

“We are focused not only on helping customers live more sustainably, but we are constantly pushing ourselves to find new ways to lower our carbon emissions," Bishop said.

How Best Buy will cut emissions

The game plan is to cut emissions through "accelerated progress" on two sustainable practices.

The company's biggest focus: continue embracing energy-efficient technology. That includes installing more LED lighting and updating heating and cooling systems in stores and distribution centers.

Last year, Best Buy also introduced a new Geekmobile fleet made up of Toyota Prius C hybrid cars. In just one year, the fleet saved more than 140,000 gallons of gas. Best Buy says it has recently added another 300 vehicles to the lineup, and will continue to pursue even more efficient vehicle options as they become available.

Best Buy says these simple but effective changes will make up 40 percent of carbon reductions.

The electronics chain will also place "significantly more focus" on sourcing its energy from renewable sources and purchasing certified Renewable Energy Credits, which will offset the other 20 percent of the company's carbon footprint.

Best Buy was recently named among the top corporate businesses acting on climate change. Read more about the company's sustainability program here.

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