'Best graffiti ever' leaves Minneapolis company laughing


This one might be more funny than a press-on tunnel. Possibly right up there with the rocket skates or the spring-powered shoes.

And the most surprising part about it to the business manager of Acme Foundry in Minneapolis is that it didn't happen sooner in the company's 100-year history.

FOX 9 reports staff arrived Monday morning to find cardboard cutouts of Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner on either side of the company's main entrance.

Most businesses are not happy to find what graffiti artists leave behind. This case is an exception, though. Business manager Monica Sweeney tells FOX the company sees the humor in the prank by an anonymous visitor and plans to leave the cartoon characters on the brick wall.

In fact, she says Acme had long considered doing something similar, but has now been beaten to it.

Sweeney tells UPI Acme has been in business for more than a century and she's surprised the Loony Tunes characters hadn't made an earlier appearance.

UPI says the cardboard figures are attached to the wall with adhesive squares, so the stunt is non-destructive. But they won't hold up that long in bad weather.

Yes, Acme hopes the person responsible for manufacturing this little bit of levity steps forward. They'd like to express their thanks and give the culprit some input on the layout of some iron castings of the cartoon characters.

Iron castings, by the way, are what Acme Foundry makes at its plant on Hiawatha Ave.

As far as we know, they've not manufactured any rocket-powered roller skates.

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