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The best of Jimmy Butler's 80-minute interview with Bill Simmons

Jimmy Butler made it sound like there's a chance KG makes a comeback.

You can get your summer Timberwolves fix with more than an hour of one-on-one conversation between Bill Simmons and Jimmy Butler on the latest episode of TheBS Podcast.

Butler talked about pretty much everything. Jordan, the Warriors, Towns, going to Vikings games, and a lot more.

Check out our favorite moments from the chat below.

Will KG make a comeback?

"I remember you saying that. Ahhhh, I don't know. I never say never. He's competing in something I can tell you that. Yelling, getting fired up about something. I would never say never. Could he still play? Probably so. I think he can get up and down a little bit."

We working.... ...#Summersoffnope...

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On Andrew Wiggins.

"He has all the tools to be a terrific defender. But it's different whenever somebody is just telling you something all the time and then somebody is showing you. Like this is what playing both sides of the floor can get you. He is extremely talented on the offensive end and I think that he's going to be just that talented on the defensive end as well. As long as you lock into it, and I think he has that will and wants to be great so he's going to want to do it. And I'm excited to get with him because I know how passionate he is about the game. His drive and his work ethic and how we wants to win. When you have that as a young guy, you can't really teach that, you just have it."

On cold winters in Minnesota.

"You don't actually have to be outside in Minnesota. They've got these skyways that go over the whole city, it's like eight miles."

On the 2004 Wolves being the benchmark for success.

"Well then, we got a lot of work to do. But we can do it if we go in every day, playing hard, wanting to get better. We're going to be alright, man. We're going to be just fine, you'll see. We got some really good players. We got a phenomenal coach who knows how to win. We're going to be alright. The Minnesota Timberwolves, we're going to be just fine."

On Thibodeau's intense focus.

"It'll narrow in even more whenever we're later on in the season, in the playoffs. Now he's really locked in and he's going to come in with 16 cups of coffee, five big ass notebooks of the other team's plays and our plays. He's always studying the game and it's crazy because that's why he's the person he is and more importantly the coach, because the guy just wants all the information all the time so he can spread it out to everybody."

He doesn't watch the NBA Finals.

"Seriously, you can ask anybody around the house. You really don't turn on the TV at all in my house because we don't watch TV - go do something productive. And if you are going to turn on the TV don't turn it on basketball because I do basketball all the time."

On facing the Warriors.

"We'll be alright."

On NBA stars gathering in L.A. for secret games.

"We have a little chat that we're in. You try to get guys that talk to one another that you can get all in a gym at one time to play some pick-up, that's all."

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