Best job markets for 2016, Twin Cities made the list


The Minneapolis - St. Paul - Bloomington area comes in at eighth place on ZipRecruiter's list of Best Job Markets for 2016. 

The job resources website says the markets were chosen based on applicants to employer ratios, applications to job posting ratios and Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment scores.

ZipRecruiter notes Minnesota made the list because its unemployment and job competition levels are low. Also, many foreign countries' U.S. headquarters are based there, the cities support many different industries and Minneapolis is the national leader in medical device manufacturing.

According to the rankings, the Twin Cities' unemployment is under 3 percent and its top five industries are insurance, marketing, healthcare, salon/beauty/fitness and advertising.

In November, Minnesota employers added 7,200 jobs and that dropped the state's unemployment to 3.5 percent, the lowest it's been since 2001. Also in November, the Bureau of Labor Statistics put together a list of Unemployment Rates for Large Metropolitan Areas and the Twin Cities area topped the list with the lowest rate.

You can check out how your county's unemployment rate compares to the Twin Cities using the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) interactive map.

Three other Midwest cities appeared in ZipRecruiter's best job markets list. Madison, Wisconsin came out at the top followed by Des Moines, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska.

In 2015, ZipRecruiter ranked Rochester third best and Minneapolis tenth best job markets.

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