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Best of both worlds: Macy's partners with Best Buy to bring back electronics


Macy's and Best Buy are pretty different as far as retailers go – they could hardly be described as competitors – but it turns out each has something the other could use.

That's why the two national chains are teaming up, with the Twin Cities-based Best Buy set to open 300-square-foot shops in 10 of Macy's stores this November, according to a news release.

The Wall Street Journal says the partnership comes amid some recent struggles for the companies – on one hand, Macy's has found that consumers are lately more interested in electronics than shopping in traditional department stores; on the other, Best Buy is struggling to reach customers in a marketplace increasingly dominated by online retailers.

The deal is a return to gizmo-and-gadget sales for Macy's, which Fortune says hasn't sold electronics in its stores for "many years."

The test program will also allow Best Buy to sell a range of devices, including Samsung smartphones, smart watches, tablets and accessories, to department store shoppers, the news release said.

However, Apple products aren't included in the deal, the Wall Street Journal notes.

According to Macy's, the 10 Best Buy shops will be opened in "various markets in the U.S.," but the precise locations aren't yet clear.

"We are delighted that consumer electronics will be returning to selected Macy’s stores through this test, which will allow us to learn how we can best serve our customers’ needs in this very sophisticated category," Macy’s, Inc. President Jeff Gennette said in the release, adding: "We will test and learn, along with Best Buy, through the holidays and into 2016 before deciding on next steps."

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