Better drink your Wheaties! General Mills, Fulton launch limited-edition brew

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HefeWheaties, the beer of champions?

General Mills is teaming up with Minneapolis-based Fulton Brewery for the limited-edition hefeweizen brew, the company's blog says.

It's the first alcohol partnership for Wheaties, the Golden Valley-based company's original cereal, and the first hefeweizen-style beer Fulton has brewed, the blog notes.

And if you think about it, the combination actually makes a lot of sense. Although Wheaties won't actually be in the beer, the cereal and hefeweizens share one major ingredient: wheat.

Hefeweizen, a south German-style of wheat beer, is brewed with 50 percent or higher ratio of wheat, Beer Advocate notes. Typically, these styles of beer have little hop bitterness and an unfiltered, cloudy appearance.

“This was a true partnership between Wheaties and Fulton,” David Oehler, marketing manager for Wheaties, says in the blog post. “Both teams were passionate about this project and got to work quickly. We enjoyed the chance to collaborate with Fulton throughout the entire process from idea generation to can design.”

The idea sprouted earlier this summer due to the connection Fulton's team has with General Mills. The co-founder of Fulton and the brewery's director of operations both previously worked at General Mills.

Athlete endorsements had long boosted the sale of Wheaties since it was accidentally created in the 1920s, the Pop History Dig noted. But in recent years the sale of Wheaties, and other cereals, have plummeted, CNN reported.

The changing tastes of Americans has prompted many companies, including General Mills, to rethink some of its products and advertising, with the Business Journal noting turning Wheaties into a craft beer may be the way to boost the popularity of the brand.

Where you can buy it

The limited-edition beer will be available in tallboys four-packs at limited retailers in the Twin Cities starting Aug. 26, until supplies last.

The Fulton taproom in the North Loop will also be pouring pints of the cereal-inspired beer at HefeWheaties events – the first one is Aug. 26.

“We’ll see how people react to it,” Ryan Petz, president and co-founder of Fulton, said in the blog post. “If it’s something everybody loves, we’ll obviously consider doing it again in a bigger and more widely distributed way in the future.

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