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Better take the sleigh: Gas prices jump for Christmas


Just in time for your trip over the river and through the woods, Minnesota gas prices have jumped.

The average price for a gallon in Minnesota last week was about $2.93, but it has leapt to $3.08, according to

In the Twin Cities, gas is up from $2.89 a week ago to $3.11. The cheapest gas around the metro could be found at Costco and Sam's Clubs, in the $2.75 to $2.85 range. But lots of Twin Cities stations are selling for $3.19.

The national average gas price Monday was $3.26, down nearly 2 cents from two weeks ago, but probably headed back up, NBC News reported. "I think the decline will prove to be just a blip as there is a good chance that wholesale gas prices will creep up more than they already have, which would translate to pressure of a few cents quite soon," gas price analyst Trilby Lundberg told NBC.

Among CNBC's "Boldest Predictions for 2014": a national gas price average that dips below $3.

Gas prices in Minnesota hit a yearly high in May at well over $4:

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