Better ways to spend $1,000 than on an iPhone X

Is any phone worth $1,000?

The iPhone X was finally announced this week to much fanfare by Apple CEO Tim Cook, but also announced was its rather off-putting price-tag.

Remember when cellphones were $100? Well, now they're $1,000 thanks to the special, anniversary edition X phone, which is being released alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8S.

The price has prompted much soul-searching over whether, despite the fact cellphones are all but a necessity in modern society, anyone can really justify splurging $1,000 on the handheld tech.

To help make your mind up, here's a look at some of the things you could spend your money on instead of the phone, which starts shipping Nov. 3.

Phone + luxury buy combo

The iPhone X isn't the only phone out there. If you're really, really intent on upgrading your phone there are plenty of alternatives that'll save you money.

Even the new iPhone 8 starts at $699, leaving you $300 with which you could buy, for example, a Nintendo Switch.

You could also opt for the highest-rated Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S8, which at $628 would leave you with enough to buy this Toro snowblower to clear your driveway this coming winter.

And if you want one of the best value new phones, the OnePlus5 – retailing at $479 – would leave you enough to buy a Salmanazar (that's NINE liters) of Lanson Black Label Champagne for $525.

Recreate Home Alone 2

Ok, so you won't be able to stay in a suite at The Plaza Hotel and be driven around in a limo, but you could definitely have yourself a weekend in New York at Christmas for a grand.

A quick search on Expedia generates a 2-night stay in the three-star Excelsior Hotel on the upper-west side (near Central Park), including return flights from MSP, for around $500 per person on the weekend of Dec. 8-10.

Use it sensibly

A thousand bucks is not a small sum of money and if used wisely can be a stepping stone to a more financially secure future.

Money Under 30 has a list of nine ideas of how you could use such a sum wisely – not least by paying off your credit card debts, putting it in an investment account, or stashing it in your rainy day fund.

Other suggestions are using it to get healthy (ie. a gym membership ... or a bicycle), and improving your career prospects by learning new skills.

Give some to charity

If you've never donated charitably at Christmas, WalletHub has a list of charities considered the best for the holiday season.

You can also find a guide to charities and nonprofits in the Twin Cities area here, courtesy of

Make it rain

You know the drill. Get a thousand dollar bills, and have fun.

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