Biggest Bloody Mary bar in the world? A Minnesota pub is shooting for it

On April 9 the Happy Gnome in St. Paul will turn its parking lot into a bloody Mary bar.

A battle is breaking out over the title of "World's Biggest Bloody Mary Bar."

And there will be blood (in the form of tomato juice). But there will be lots of other stuff, too, when the Happy Gnome takes aim at the record by offering dozens of garnishes at its build-your-own Bloody Mary bar April 9 in the parking lot outside its St. Paul bar and restaurant.

The Happy Gnome's plan is to have 60 different items available for your Bloody Mary, including meat, cheese, and booze from local providers.

The event costs $25, which gets you a brunch buffet, a keepsake glass from event, and a draft beer from Surly, as well as the Bloody Mary bar.

Unfortunately, tickets are now all sold out – but the restaurant says the event is actually just a "dress rehearsal" for the real attempt, so you'll get another chance to experience the boozy buffet.

"We want to make sure we got this record on lock before our official attempt next year," the website says.

The competition

The record for bloody Mary bars is certified not by the people at Guinness, but by the World Record Academy.

The current record holder is the Silver Grill Cafe in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The Happy Gnome says the number of garnishes they need to beat is 45, although The Coloradan reports the Silver Grill had 50 (including quail eggs and pickled cactus leaves) at its record-breaking bar in 2012.

Since then the Silver Grill has turned its "World's Biggest Bloody Mary Bar" into an annual event, so this competition may have future chapters.

What ingredients should be on hand when building the ultimate bloody Mary bar?

Food52 put together a college basketball-style bracket to answer that. AllRecipes lists 35 items to let you build your own awesome bloody bar. And Cool Material is not sure whether a bacon cheeseburger should count as garnish.

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