Bill Murray crashed a Lupe Fiasco show

Bill Murray's surprise attendance at a Lupe Fiasco show resulted in two encores.
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Iconic funny guy Bill Murray has once again put himself in the middle of a rap function.

The 66-year-old proved Wednesday night that no one is too old for hip-hop, when he watched Lupe Fiasco perform side stage at The Belmont in Austin, Texas.

He not only showed up unannounced, but also demanded not one, but two encores.

Who could say no to that face? Lupe didn't, and he even cracked a joke of his own in the process. "Y'all go home and take Bill Murray with you, so I can go home," is what he told the crowd, according to Pigeons and Planes.

The two Chicago natives were able to link up backstage.

And Bill Murray showed his true hipster colors, as he couldn't leave without hitting up the merch stand.

Although this run-in may still seem a little out of place, there is evidence that Murray's love for hip-hop runs deep. Who could forget the scene below, where Murray chats up Wu-Tang Clan cousins GZA and RZA on the hazards of caffeine and nicotine in the 2003 film, Coffee and Cigarettes.

More recently, Bill Murray spoke about a hitting the studio with Rick Ross and creating a song that has yet to see the light of day. He talked about the mysterious track with Jimmy Kimmel last year on his SXSW-themed episode.

You can catch Lupe Fiasco and demand all the encores on December 22 at Skyway Theatre.

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