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Bill Cosby crop art made with rapeseed removed from State Fair


A portrait of Bill Cosby is among the pieces of crop art that has been banned from the Minnesota State Fair.

Nick Rindo used canola seeds – also known as rapeseed – for his crop art portrait of the comedian who has been accused of assaulting dozens of women.

There was no artist statement with the crop art, but despite that it only took one day for enough people to complain about the piece before it was removed from the exhibit at the Agriculture Horticulture Building, Rindo wrote on Facebook.

"I imagine it's in a corner of shame somewhere," he commented on the Facebook post.

Rindo told the Pioneer Press he isn't bothered that the piece was taken down, noting the public's rejection of his work is like the public rejecting Cosby.

Rindo's piece wasn't the only one removed from the exhibit. The others included a picture of two different-length Pronto Pups, the Pioneer Press notes.

The last piece the fair's crop art superintendent remembers taking down was a piece made of marijuana seeds, and that's because the seeds used in crop art need to represent farm crops in Minnesota – and at that time, marijuana wasn't, the Pioneer Press says.

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