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Billboard message from 'God' to Michele Bachmann appears in St. Paul

It's definitely attracting attention.

If you're in the Midway neighborhood of St. Paul, this might catch your eye.

A billboard depicting a cartoon "God" sending a message to former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann has appeared above Midway Books.

Marissa Luna, communications director for A Better Minnesota, shared her picture of the billboard on Twitter Thursday morning.

"Michele Bachmann, NO. – God," the billboard reads.


– Bachmann open to running for Al Franken's Senate seat.

What's this about? 

It's all about comments made by Bachmann, the former U.S. Rep. for Minnesota's 6th Congressional District, at the start of January in which she said she's considering running for the Senate seat Sen. Tina Smith recently inherited from Al Franken.

During an interview with televangelist Jim Bakker, she said she has been asking God whether she should run for the Senate.

It sparked this response from the Twitter account "The Tweet of God" that is very similar to the billboard over St. Paul.

Who's behind the billboard?

As you can (just) see at the bottom of the billboard, it's been paid for by The Good Lord Above.

It's a website that seems to trade mostly in satirical jabs at Republicans, offering responses to comments made by GOP supporters on social media.

We have reached out to The Good Lord Above by email (not prayer) but have not yet received a response.

We've also asked Michele Bachmann's team for a comment, and will update this story should we receive one.

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