Billboard with Grim Reaper wearing cheesehead has hat-maker cheesed off

The company that makes the iconic hat is threatening to sue a physicians' group after it put up an ad blasting the food right near Lambeau Field in the heart of Dairyland.
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The company that makes the iconic Wisconsin cheesehead hat is threatening to sue a physicians' group that put the hat atop the Grim Reaper on a billboard blasting cheese.

An attorney for Foamation tells the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that the company would rather not be associated with an anti-cheese message.

"We by no means would condone that. We're a dairy state, for gosh sakes," one employee told the newspaper.

The nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine rented the billboard to call attention to what it says is a very dangerous product, packed with sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat. "It ought to come with a warning label," the group's education directory said in a press release.

WBAY-TV in Wisconsin has more:

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