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Dinkytowner panhandles for Bitcoins; photo goes viral


The controversial currency known as Bitcoin has a new Minneapolis connection, according to FOX 9. A photo of someone panhandling for Bitcoins outside the Dinkytown McDonald's has gone viral. The beggar is holding a sign that says "Every Bit helps" on one half and a QR code on the other.

The photo has drawn more than half a million views since being posted on Reddit Sunday.

City Pages notes many comments accompanying the photo reference the "now hiring" sign at the McDonald's in the background.

Warning: Many of the comments are snarky and rude.

Bitcoin touts itself as a peer-to-peer digital currency free from government or bank controls. Its use has been growing, thanks to speculators more than consumers, according to Wired. The currency has been tied to the sale of illegal drugs.

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