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Black Lives Matter marches to governor's residence, but he's not home


A group of several dozen people marched along Summit Avenue in St. Paul to Gov. Dayton's official residence Tuesday evening to protest Dayton's criticism of the group last week, the Star Tribune reports.

About 50 people participated in the demonstration, according to news reports.

That's a much smaller crowd than the 350 or so who marched to the Minnesota State Fair on Saturday.

Dayton had earlier called the State Fair demonstration "inappropriate," and organizers planned Tuesday's march to demand an apology from the governor. Dayton was not at the residence during the protest, according to his staff.

Some hecklers shouted at the marchers from the sidewalk along Summit Avenue, but others gave the group an approving "thumbs up."

Black Lives Matter organizers are still getting some heat for a brief chant that some of the participants repeated during Saturday's march, "pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon," that police union officials called threatening toward law enforcement.

In a statement released Tuesday, Dayton called the chant a "terrible thing to say," according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and House Republican Speaker Kurt Daudt said in an interview on MPR News that the chant was "incredibly disrespectful" toward police.

The Star Tribune editorial board weighed in as well, saying the insensitive chant "diminishes" the group's efforts to call attention to racial inequality and potential mistreatment by police.

The Associated Press takes a look at the Black Lives Matter movement nationwide and how it's experiencing "growing pains" since its inception more than a year ago.

Here are a few more photos from Tuesday evening's demonstration.

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