Black pedestrian arrested by Edina officer is suing him, the city

Larnie Thomas says he was "maliciously discriminated" against.

The pedestrian whose arrest was recorded on video is filing a lawsuit against the officer who arrested him.

Larnie Thomas, who is black, filed the lawsuit Friday against Lt. Tim Olson and the City of Edina, alleging he was "maliciously discriminated" against when he was arrested on Oct. 12, which is a violation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

Thomas was walking down Xerxes Avenue South in Edina, he was in the street because there was construction work on the sidewalk, the lawsuit says. A seven-minute YouTube video (which you can watch at the bottom of the page) shows Olson grabbing Thomas and leading him towards a squad car. Thomas is yelling at Olson, asking him what he did wrong, with Olson telling him he was walking in the street. Thomas was eventually arrested.

The video caused outrage across the country, with the Minneapolis chapter of the NAACP calling it "dehumanizing" and "degrading," and says it “merely reinforces the urgent need for police reform." Community members called for the officer to be disciplined and the city said it asked the state to investigate, while dropping the citation filed against Thomas.

The lawsuit says Thomas "endured pain and mental suffering," so he's requesting a jury trial and is seeking damages in an amount exceeding $50,000.

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