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Blind Wayzata student helps lead team to national Science Bowl competition


A student at Wayzata High School is proving that nothing can get in the way of his quest for Science Bowl greatness.

WCCO says 15-year-old Nathan Stocking – who is already a senior at Wayzata – is excelling in school, at the piano, and on the Science Bowl team despite his blindness. Stocking is the captain of the school's Science Bowl team that is heading to nationals this spring in Washington, D.C.

The Sun Sailor says Stocking was part of Wayzata's Team 1 that competed in the state championship. Team 1 actually defeated Wayzata's Team 2 to take the title.

Stocking, who lost his eyesight when he was only a few months old, thrives on knowledge, his mother, Karen Cotch, tells WCCO.

Cotch says her son started taking middle school classes around age 8, and is currently taking college-level classes online or through special instructors.

On top of his book knowledge, Stocking is also an accomplished pianist who knew the difference between Bach and Beethoven as a toddler, his mom says.

The national Science Bowl is set for April 24-28.

By the way, if you would like to see how you would fare in the high school Science Bowl, take a look at some of these sample questions provided by the Bowl's sponsor, the U.S. Department of Energy.

A few examples:

– What is the most common term for the substance recognized as foreign and able to elicit antibody production?

– What is the general term for a salt of one of the halogens?

– How many nanometers are in an angstrom?

– Which of the following is NOT classified as a low-level cloud: altostratus, nimbostratus, stratocumulus, or stratus?


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