Blizzard coming to Poland: Dairy Queen expanding into Europe


Poland will soon be getting the royal treatment, at least where its fast food options are concerned.

Dairy Queen announced it will be planting its flag in the country this year, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The paper notes the stores will start appearing in the "Warsaw metro region" this spring. The Edina-based chain's ultimate goal is opening a total of 26 stores in Poland over the next five years.

Dairy Queen official Jean Champagne is quoted as saying the chain is expanding at an ideal time, with the Eastern European market hungry for "Western brands."

According to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, it's the first time the burger-and-ice cream chain has made a foray into Europe in 20 years.

The paper says DQ partnered with a local franchise company to develop the "Grill and Chill" and "DQ Treat" restaurants for the Polish market.

The chain has about 6,400 locations worldwide.

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