Blue skies, green bikes: Twin Cities' popular Nice Ride bikes come back early


Now that blue skies have returned to Minnesota, expect to see a lot more green around the Twin Cities.

With the arrival of an "early spring," Nice Ride Minnesota has announced it'll be rolling out its characteristic green bicycles on April 1, with bike stations returning to the streets of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

The 2015 launch date is two weeks earlier than last year, reports the Pioneer Press, which adds that the bikes have been in winter storage since November.

Nice Ride MN is a non-profit bike-sharing program that offers users a quick way to zip around town – memberships are available, but temporary passes are also offered for those who only need a bike for the day, according to the service's website.

The 2014 prices will remain, and Nice Ride also promises a "simplified" usage fee structure, the nonprofit said in the release. Additionally, there'll be more bikes to go around, with 20 new stations being installed around the metro area.

The service, launched in 2010, grew to be the country's fourth-largest bike-sharing program last year, according to MPR.

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