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Boater accused of harassing deer to death may have charges dismissed


A boater accused of harassing a deer until it drowned may have the charges against him dropped.

Steven Timm, 56, and the Mahnomen County attorney agreed to suspend prosecution for the next six months, according to the Grand Forks Herald.

That means prosecutors will drop their case against Timm as long as he doesn't commit any similar offenses within that time. However, he'll still have to pay $500 in restitution stemming from the deer's death last September, KFGO reports.

Timm pleaded not guilty to an animal cruelty charge in connection to the Tulaby Lake incident. Witnesses told the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Timm followed a deer that was swimming in the lake, circled it with his boat and prevented it from getting to shore. The deer then became exhausted and died.

However, Timm says he wasn’t trying to hurt the deer. He told the DNR he had been fishing when he noticed something swimming and went to check it out.

When he got closer to the deer, it began swimming farther out in the lake, so he attempted to turn the deer back towards shore using his pontoon, he told the DNR.

The court accepted Timm's deal last week, which means Timm avoids a trial and will save him time and money from fighting the allegation against him, Timm's attorney told the Star Tribune Tuesday.

Richard Sprouse of the DNR told BringMeTheNews that reports of animal harassment are not common, noting he has rarely heard or seen it in officer reports over the past 20 years.

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