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Bob Dylan says he's too busy to go get his Nobel prize in person

Bob Dylan can't make it to his Nobel Prize ceremony.

Legendary American folk artist Bob Dylan says he won't be attending his own Nobel award ceremony because he's busy with some other stuff.

The world waited two weeks for Dylan to even acknowledge his Nobel Prize in literature that he was awarded back in October. When he did finally break his silence, he said he would attend the Dec. 10 ceremony "if at all possible."

Which apparently is not at all possible.

In a personal letter sent Tuesday evening to the Swedish Academy (the group that picks the winners of the Nobel Prize) Dylan said he would not be able to make it to Stockholm for the Dec. 10 ceremony because he has prior commitments, the academy said. He did emphasize he feels honored though, and wishes he were able to get the prize in person.

Several other Nobel recipients have been unable to attend their own ceremonies according to the Swedish Academy, but the award is still given to them regardless. The only thing that a recipient must do is give a lecture. Something the academy gently reminded him of:

"We look forward to Bob Dylan’s Nobel Lecture, which he must give – it is the only requirement – within six months counting from December 10, 2016," they wrote.

Still, Dylan hasn't quite reached the level of French author and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, who rejected the prize in 1964 altogether.

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