Body of 2nd man pulled from Mississippi two days after his friend was found

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A second body has been found in the Mississippi River by police investigating the disappearance of two friends who were reportedly heading to meet each other at a railroad bridge last week.

The Little Falls Police Department says the body of 36-year-old Michael Arndt was recovered near the Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge on Wednesday morning, according to a news release.

The department is now investigating Arndt's death as well as that of 34-year-old William Blake, who disappeared last Wednesday and whose body was found near the bridge on Monday, KARE 11 reported.

Blake was headed to meet Arndt that night by the railroad bridge, where both their bodies would eventually be found, the Brainerd Dispatch reports.

The paper says he was reported missing Friday. His body was found Sunday.

Arndt was reported missing soon after the disappearance of Blake, WCCO notes. The station describes the two as friends.

The nature of their meeting is not clear.

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