Body of missing man was found in rubble of Eveleth house explosion


The body found in the house explosion in Eveleth on Monday has been identified as a man recently reported missing.

The Medical Examiner's Office confirmed that 26-year-old Christopher Anglin, who was reported missing from his home a few hours earlier on Aug. 31., according to the Northland News Center.

Authorities were called to the property near Highway 53 in Eveleth around 1 a.m. after debris was reported on the road.

The damage to the home was so extensive that the person who called it in said it looked as if a tornado had touched down.

Despite initially saying the house was empty, WDIO reports that recovery teams discovered a body in the debris after using heavy excavation equipment.

Anglin, who was considered vulnerable as he was on the autism spectrum, had gone missing from his home in the 3300 block of Highway 53 in the Central Lakes area south of Eveleth around 10 p.m. Sunday, three hours before the explosion.

The Northland News Center says that the house that exploded is owned by a David Youngberg.

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