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Boom times for railroads servicing ND oil fields


There have been a lot of business winners in North Dakota's Oil Patch as new industries spring up to serve the fast-growing areas.

But there have been old-school industry winners, too. Among them: the railroads, which are enjoying lucrative business hauling in sand for hydraulic fracturing operations and then hauling oil out, American Public Media's Marketplace reports. There is not yet a pipeline to carry the oil.

The oil boom reversed a decades-long decline in the region's railroads, the Star Tribune recently reported.

North Dakota oil production has spurred U.S. production to 14-year highs, it was reported last week.

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Investigation: ND oil boom damaging landscape

An oil boom has brought great prosperity – but also great amounts of waste – to North Dakota, investigative reporting by ProPublica reveals. Data obtained by ProPublica show oil companies are spilling and dumping drilling waste onto North Dakota's land and into its waterways with increasing regularity. Many dumpings along roads and in pits go unreported, state regulators acknowledge.

Survey: Many in ND oil patch not happy about boom

The new survey of Oil Patch residents bears out the old saying that money can’t buy happiness. Sixty percent of longtime northwest North Dakota residents say they have benefited economically from the oil boom, but the majority say their quality of life has not improved, according to the report by the University of North Dakota.