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Booze delivery market heats up with Instacart the latest to bring you beer


Now you can have a bottle of wine delivered with your groceries to your front door in an hour or less.

The grocery delivery service Instacart has teamed up with the chain Total Wine & More and Liquor Boy in St. Louis Park to bring a new alcohol delivery service to the Twin Cities.

"We're excited to bring alcohol delivery to more interested customers in Minneapolis and look forward to saving folks time and money on their favorite products from the retailers they love at full price parity to in-store," said Instacart in news release.

The service is available for 25 different zip codes, outlined in the map below, and promises delivery in under an hour, or at a pre-arranged time depending on what the customer wants.

The firm thinks it has an edge over the competition because its partnerships allow customers to order alcohol along with their groceries, from a wide range of partners.

"We partner with top retailers, for both alcohol and grocery, in each market," Andrew Nodes, head of retail accounts, told BringMeTheNews, "and allow our partners to control much of the customer experience such as assortment and pricing."

Instacart is not first to provide this kind of service in the Twin Cities Area. Last year, City Pages put together this guide comparing rates and service of booze delivery.

Amazon teamed up with Surdyk’s Liquor & Cheese Shop in Northeast Minneapolis just last month to start delivering alcohol in the Twin Cities.

The deliveries are free if you can wait two hours and you're an Amazon Prime member. But they're $8 if you need a bottle in an hour. That service has been wildly popular so far – there were over 200 orders on the first day, reported the Star Tribune. 

How does Instacart compare?

We've taken a closer look at how much the Twin Cities' booze delivery firms charge for their services.


Charges $5.99 for orders over $35 and $7.99 for orders under $35. Alternatively you can pay $149 annually for Instacart Express, getting free deliveries on orders over $35.


Only available to Amazon Prime members ($99 a year membership) with a charge $7.99 for a delivery within an hour, or free for a delivery within two hours.


Customers can order from local liquor stores partnered with DrinkFly, which does not charge you for delivery, making its money instead from running ads on its app.


Has a minimum order of $20 but will charge you less than Amazon and Instacart for delivery, just $5.


The takeout delivery firm has teamed up with Surdyk's and France 44 to offer booze deliveries in the Twin Cities, CityPages notes, with alcohol from Surdyk's delivered at a cost of $9.99 when you order at least $30 worth, and France 44 charging $14.99 when you order more than $50 worth.

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