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Booze thieves spiriting away pricey liquor in pants


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A pair of alcohol thieves has been draining Forest Lake liquor stores of some of their pricier bottles, FOX 9 reports.

The two brazen booze boosters hit nearly all 10 liquor stores in town on a recent night, one liquor store owner told FOX. The duo are stealing a few bottles at a time, simply stuffing the high-end products – bottles of Hennessy, Grey Goose and Remy Martin – down their pants, police say.

The thieves didn't seem to mind being recorded by video surveillance (see above), and now police hope someone can help identify the two.

Stealing high-priced liquor can be a profitable enterprise, Fox News reported earlier this year. Drinkers have developed a taste for highly expensive as well as handcrafted specialty spirits, which have been the target of a number of daring thefts nationwide:

In a widely publicized Miami heist last year, thieves arriving in a white Mercedes Benz and three trucks slipped into a customs warehouse and made off with $1.1 million in Spirits of the Tsars Golden Vodka – ignoring everything else in there, including precious metals, cars and art.

Thieves in Utah made national headlines last summer when they stole a semi truck full of 1,229 cases of liquor, loaded it all into another unregistered trailer, locked it up – and then left it all behind. Police found the booze several days later and were left scratching their heads as to why the spirit swipers went to all the trouble.

Police in Canada this spring said that they had not been able to solve a year-old mystery: Who was the man in a Burberry shirt and trench coat who stole a $26,000 bottle of Scotch from a Toronto liquor store? "I could only speculate on what happened to the bottle at this point," an investigator said.

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