Boy, 10, saves family from carbon monoxide poisoning in their home near Lake Minnetonka

Police hailed him as a hero.

A Shorewood family has been saved from possible death thanks to the actions of a 10-year-old boy.

The boy called 911 after being woken up by noises upstairs, and upon investigating, found his parents "falling down around the house,' South Lake Minnetonka Police Department said.

His dad was still coherent enough to speak to the operator, telling them he and his wife had been feeling weak and had been unconscious for a period of time.

When emergency responders arrived at their home in Virginia Cove, they found them both lying on the floor and found high levels of carbon monoxide where they slept upstairs.

There were lower, but still present, CO levels on the lower floor, where the children slept.

The family was taken to the hospital, with the parents receiving treatment, and have since been released.

South Lake Minnetonka police called the 10 year old a "real hero," and said this serves as a warning to always be checking your carbon monoxide detectors, and replace the batteries regularly.

"He absolutely did a great job in getting help there to save the lives of his family," police chief Mike Meehan told KSTP.

"We feel really fortunate in the police department ... that it turned out the way it did, because it certainly had the potential to turn out very, very differently and very tragically." 

The source of the CO leak has not yet been determined.

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