Boy who lost feet in train accident takes first steps with new legs


Last August, 10-year-old Marshawn Farr-Robinson suffered severe leg injuries after a train ran over him, severing his feet and leaving him unable to walk.

After just four months of healing, Marshawn took his first steps since the accident with the help of prosthetics, FOX 9 reports.

Marshawn, who was 9 years old at the time, had been playing on a slow-moving train in the area of Farrington Street and Ivy Avenue West in St. Paul. As Marshawn was trying to climb onto a ladder of the train, he slipped underneath and was run over.

FOX 9 says the boy first attempted to hop on his damaged legs, but eventually ended up crawling 165 feet through rocks and brush until he reached a neighbor who called for help.

"I can't imagine anyone doing that," St. Paul Police officer Marshall Titus, who was one of the first to respond to the incident, told the television station. "He was very calm. He wasn't acting erratic or anything like that."

Using a tourniquet he keeps strapped to his leg while on duty, Titus was able to help stem the blood loss from Marshawn’s legs. He and the other emergency responders involved were later honored for their fast action.

Marshawn is now undergoing physical therapy to relearn how to walk with his new legs. He'll have a little help at first, using a walker, crutches and a cane, FOX 9 says. But after a few weeks of practice, Marshawn will be walking on his own.

No-trespassing signs were posted in the area where Marshawn was playing last August, but Minnesota state law requires the railroad company to build a fence on each side of the tracks.

Last fall, an attorney for the family said he was looking into legal action against Canadian Pacific Railway and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway.

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