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Boy who sneaked on Las Vegas flight to remain in protective custody


The 9-year-old stowaway who drew international attention after he slipped unnoticed onto a flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas will remain in protective custody for now.

Lawyers and social workers huddled with a Hennepin County District Court judge prior to a hearing, and while they agreed the boy is making progress, they said it wasn't time yet to return him to his home and family, the Star Tribune reports.

At a brief hearing after the parties met privately, Judge Joseph Klein noted that family therapy is a key part of the court requirement, the newspaper reports. Both parents, who have visiting rights with the boy, were in court. The boy was not.

Another court date is scheduled for for Feb. 7, the Star Tribune reports.

The boy's parents have said he was beyond their control.

Given the boy's history of behavior problems, which includes truck theft, his parents last month agreed that he should remain in protective custody in an effort to get him therapy. He has been undergoing psychological evaluations.

A Child in Need of Protection or Services petition was filed in juvenile court after the boy boarded the plane unbeknownst to his parents Oct. 3.

The boy had slipped past security and Delta personnel to hop the flight to Las Vegas. Flight attendants noticed after the plane was airborne that he was not traveling with anyone, and authorities met him when the plane landed.

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