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Boy who snuck onto Vegas flight cleared to return to parents


A Minneapolis 10-year-old who made headlines when he slipped onto a flight to Las Vegas without a ticket last fall may soon be headed back to his parents.

KSTP reports a Hennepin County judge ruled Wednesday that once arrangements are made for the boy to receive behavioral services at home, he will be turned over to his family's care.

After crew members realized the boy, then 9, was a ticketless stowaway on the Las Vegas flight, he was placed in protective custody. Since October he's been living at a youth facility and getting help with behavioral problems, KSTP says.

At a court hearing last month, Judge Joseph Klein said he was encouraged by the progress the boy has been making and indicated he might be allowed to rejoin his family.

The Star Tribune reports Judge Klein said Wednesday the boy would be placed on a waiting list for services and can return home once they are available. The newspaper says Klein also praised the parents for the work they've put into helping their son.

Soon after the Las Vegas episode Hennepin County officials issued an order classifying the boy as a Child in Need of Protection or Services, which effectively put him in the custody of the county.

That came a couple of days after his father held a news conference in which he tearfully described a boy whose behavior was out of control and pleaded for help.

Sneaking onto an airplane unbeknownst to his parents and without a boarding pass was not the boy's first encounter with law enforcement. Police records showed that less than a week earlier he had stolen a delivery truck and taken it on a joy ride, damaging ten other vehicles before crashing into a squad car.

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