Boys caught vandalizing cars at SD dealership get new lease on life


What could have turned into a trip to a courtroom and a criminal record has instead become a second chance for two young boys in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, thanks to the generosity of a car dealership.

The two were caught by security cameras this past October at Schulte Subaru stomping and jumping on cars after the lot had closed and were eventually tracked down, but now, one of them is working for the dealership.

It's not the arrangement you might expect.

According to the Argus Leader, the dealership learned the boys – who turned out to be just 10 and 14 years old – hadn't had any run-ins with the law before and that both their families had no way to afford paying back the $25,000 in damage they had done.

The 14-year-old in particular, the paper says, was dealing with tough circumstances at home, so Schulte Subaru decided to help out instead of pressing charges.

The dealership not only helped the teen move to a better apartment with his disabled mom, but they also offered him a job washing cars on the weekend, KELOLAND TV reports.

Proprietor Mike Schulte told the station that he wanted to help because the boy seemed genuinely remorseful about his actions, and also because he realized that "if we press charges and he goes into the system and has a record – what if he decides to do some other bad things and it just spirals."

The story has been heard around the world, with the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom sharing the security footage of the boys' nighttime escapade:

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