Boy's treehouse must come down, city of Minneapolis says


A 13-year-old boy's treehouse must be taken down because it violates Minneapolis code, WCCO reports, but after a two-year battle, the boy will have one more chance to make his case for the arboreal getaway Thursday night.

Daniel Pryke's treehouse was built by his dad, Clem, who tells the station, "The city started to complain right away. In fact, even before it was finished."

According to the city, the treehouse violates zoning ordinances. The structure on Emerson Avenue in Minneapolis, is reportedly just feet from a neighbor's bedroom window, and is also 22 feet off the ground, which violates city code. (CityPages has more pictures of the structure.)

But the Star Tribune says Clem Pryke is making a last-ditch effort to save the treehouse in an appeal to the little-known Hennepin County Board of Adjustment on Thursday.

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The father and son are hoping a variance will be granted. The Prykes have the support of some of their neighbors to save the treehouse – they gathered 13 signatures on a petition to save it after another neighbor filed a complaint with the city two years ago, the newspaper says.

As MPR blogger Bob Collins noted, the sympathetic neighbors seem to recognize that "(a) kids don’t stay kids for very long and (b) tree houses usually go away when the kids do."

Indeed, Clem Pryke tells the Star Tribune that he had planned to take the cedar structure down when his son leaves for college in 2019.

Daniel Pryke has also gotten involved in efforts to save the treehouse, writing a persuasive letter to the city of Minneapolis to last month:

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The city put together a 32-page report on the treehouse, reviewing some of the history of the treehouse saga, and explaining its ruling:

Treehouse Mpls Staff Report

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