Brace yourselves: 'Severe' thunderstorms possible in parts of MN Sunday


You wouldn't think it by the weather on Saturday, but parts of Minnesota could be in for a rough ride on Sunday with "severe thunderstorms" on the way.

The National Weather Service Twin Cities has said that tomorrow will be a wet day, with thunderstorms possibly starting in the morning in the metro area and hitting again in the late afternoon/evening.

The service has said that there is an "enhanced risk" that parts of southwest and south central Minnesota will get severe thunderstorms Sunday afternoon and evening, with there being a "moderate risk" in Rochester, and a "marginal risk" in the Twin Cities.

The risk could increase however should the storm system move north.

It will bring some much-needed rainfall to a state that is considered to be in moderate or severe drought after a drier-than-usual winter and spring, with rains starting on Saturday night, continuing Sunday and tapering off on Monday night.

Up to 2 inches of rain could fall in west central Minnesota, with around 1 inch expected in the metro area.

It should also see temperatures drop, with AccuWeather reporting it will drop to the low 60s on Sunday, with the fall expected to last into midweek.

"Minneapolis will hit below normal [temperatures] for the first time this month," AccuWeather meteorologist Courtney Spamer said.

It will mean a gloomy end to this weekend's fishing opener, which has seen 500,000 anglers head for Minnesota's lakes in conditions that are perfect today, but won't stay that way tomorrow.

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