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Bracing for 'miserable' time during Capitol's renovation


The Minnesota state Capitol building will be undergoing a nearly $300 millon renovation over the next few years, and Capitol types, even Gov. Mark Dayton, are awaiting with dread.

Dayton held a briefing at the Capitol on the renovations that went for nearly two hours, in which the guv offered this assessment: "Miserable."

“We’re designing this thing for the next 100 years, not the next 100 weeks of our convenience," he added, the Star Tribune reports.

The 108-year-old building will be getting more than a facelift come September, with office relocations and construction generally mangling the whole process in St. Paul.

The Legislature approved a critical chunk of financing this spring, says the Strib, and scaffolding is already set up, where a crumbling facade on the outside and deterioration from water damage and neglect on the inside have long been problematic.

The renovation will displace legislators, legislative staffers, the governor's office, the Attorney General's office and the press corps for at least some part of the renovation, says Minnesota Public Radio.

Every portion of the Capitol will be addressed, says MPR, noting that in September, the guts of the building - plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning will be replaced.

The Capitol Preservation Commission meeting on Monday alluded to plans for 50-inch touch-screen televisions scattered around the Capitol once the nearly $273 million work is done in December 2016, according to Forum News Service.

On the bright side, Dayton likened it to a road construction project that we'll all have to tolerate.

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