Brainerd police: Needle found in Halloween candy was a hoax


Remember the report over the weekend about a needle that was found in some Halloween candy in Brainerd? That story attracted a lot of attention across the country. And as it turns out, it was a hoax.

Brainerd police said Monday the child involved in reporting the tainted candy made up the incident, according to the Forum News Service.

The Brainerd Police Department had issued an alert on its Facebook page Sunday after receiving a phone call reporting a child had found a sewing needle stuck in a small chocolate bar, and encouraged others to check their child's candy just in case. (That Facebook post has since been deleted.)

The caller said the child got the candy while trick-or-treating in the city. But when the police looked into the incident further, they discovered the child had made up the story, WCCO reports.

"The Brainerd Police Department wants to dispel any public safety concerns there may be. Authorities in our area have received no other reports of any tampering with candy or immediate concerns or dangers," Police Chief Corky McQuiston said in a news release Monday afternoon, according to the station.

McQuiston said since the child involved is a juvenile, police won't release any more information about the case.

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