BringMeTheAww: Young boy gets first kiss in Best Buy

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Young love. So powerful, so passionate. Yet often so fleeting.

That's what one very young boy named Julian found out at a Best Buy recently, when he found the girl of his dreams – and even had the gall to plant a big sloppy kiss right on her lips.

Luckily, Julian's father had the wherewithal to capture the entire thing on video. The cutest part? There's a surprise to the story that we won't spoil here.

Something tells us things may not last between he and the girl; she seems inseparable from her current partner.

A spokesperson for the Richfield-based Best Buy said in an email the company isn't sure what city or state the video was recorded in. But they are "just as surprised and pleased to see the toddler could have his first kiss at a Best Buy store as everyone else."


Best Buy to sell Chromebooks

At the Google I/O conference yesterday, Google announced Chromebooks would hit about 100 U.S. Best Buy stores in the coming months. Items will take up shelf space right next to Apple products (presumably, MacBooks).

Best Buy bid delayed?

Richard Schulze wants more time before making an offer for Best Buy, the company that he founded. Reuters reports Schulze, who has been working on his offer for months, is expected to take a 30-day extension to mid-December before submitting his final purchase proposal to Best Buy's board. Citing sources close to Schulze, the Star Tribune reported that his bid would come next week.

Schulze commited to Best Buy takeover

More than a week after he went public with his bid to take the Richfield-based electronics giant private, co-founder Richard Schulze sent a letter to the Best Buy Board of Directors requesting permission to form a group and conduct basic due diligence so that he can present a fully financed offer for the company. Schulze wrote, "you should know that I am not going away."

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