BMTN Gives Back: Pause 4 Paws helps Great Dane rescue group

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In early November 2012, Pause 4 Paws held its second annual fundraiser to help support small rescue groups save the lives of dogs and cats. Their work could not have been timelier. Later that month, Minneapolis Animal Care and Control rescued seven Great Dane dogs who had been living in a filthy basement, having never seen the light of day. Great Dane Rescue of Minnesota (GDRoMN), a small rescue group with a big heart, took in the five adults, and they are now getting a second chance! The rehabilitation process has begun.

Ann Heinrich, who runs the rescue, has taken in the five dogs and placed them in safe environments so they can start their new lives. During an interview with the Star Tribune, she noted that people do not often realize the cost associated with keeping a Great Dane well fed and in good health. The five rescued dogs almost all had bite wounds, but perhaps the deepest of wounds were emotional; the dogs shook when a human hand tried to touch them, and cowered when humans approached. It is speculated that the owner who kept the dogs intended to breed and sell them.

Pause 4 Paws has given monetary support to GDRoMN’s efforts to rehabilitate these rescued dogs and provide medical care. Thanks to Pause 4 Paws’s fundraising efforts, there will be many more stories like this, offering help to abused and neglected dogs and cats. If you would like to help support the Great Danes directly, contact the Great Dane Rescue of Minnesota. Learn more about Pause 4 Paws and read more Pause 4 Paws success stories.

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