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BringMeTheNews Gives Back: Pause 4 Paws makes a difference in the lives of pets


This year, Pause 4 Paws has helped to improve the lives of hundreds of dogs and cats. Our major biannual fundraiser drew almost 500 people and assisted more than a dozen animal rescue groups. The mission of Pause 4 Paws is to fund smaller animal rescues in their efforts to save the lives of dogs and cats. Pause 4 Paws has also engaged in community education initiatives including partnering with St. Catherine’s University and educating school-aged children about the importance of compassion toward animals. The board of directors (Jill Goldstein, Kristin Haertel, Erica Goetzman, Nancy Goldstein, David Goldstein, Michelle Goldstein, and Kelly Nicholson) are volunteers who work tirelessly to raise money to provide medical treatment for abandoned and severely abused animals, as well as find them forever homes and educate the community. Right now, there are animals living in neglect and abuse, in dumpsters with broken bones; starving; in pain; trying to find shelter; and trapped in tiny cages, having never seen the outdoors because they are used strictly for breeding.

Did you know that Minnesota has one of the highest numbers of puppy mills nationwide? Pause 4 Paws has already made an impact. The dog and cat population has been reduced due to spay and neuter programs, hundreds of animals have been properly treated for injuries and infections, and animals have been rescued and placed in forever homes. The reach, scope and passion keeps growing at Pause 4 Paws with every year of service to these animals.

Pause 4 Paws gets emails from rescue groups daily, asking for support and supplies to continue their work to help defenseless animals. Winter brings its own set of challenges for rescued animals, and they need to be kept warm, fed and clean. Pause 4 Paws is making a special request for members of the community to donate blankets, towels and food. If you can help, please email Monetary donations can also be made on the Pause 4 Paws website.

The Pause 4 Paws efforts have not gone unrewarded. In fact, we have many success stories! Here is just one example of how our work has made a difference. More success stories are available on our website.

Success story: Tate – 2-year-old poodle
Tate came to Second Chance Animal Rescue in July 2011 from a breeder. Two years prior, he was adopted from the breeder as a puppy. One of the three small children in the adoptive home threw him against a wall. The owners never brought Tate to the vet for care. They returned him to the breeder one year after the injury. The breeder couldn’t sell a dog with a limp so Second Chance took him in.

Tate had a multitude of medical problems and was in a lot of pain. He had a bad ear infection, was not current on his vaccinations, had puppy teeth needing removal, as well as a broken hip. Second Chance’s veterinarian took care of all of his medical needs, including a femoral head and neck excision on his right back leg.

Tate is now recovering from his veterinary work and is already in a much less pain. He will soon be running and playing like a young dog should. After he is fully recovered, he will be up for adoption and ready for his forever home.

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