Brock Lesnar won't be fighting in a UFC ring for a while

Brock Lesnar has been handed a year-long UFC ban and a $250,000 fine.

Brock Lesnar is in hot water with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, getting a ban and big fine for failing two drugs tests.

The University of Minnesota wrestling champion tested positive for a pair of anti-estrogen drugs in tests taken in the weeks before and on the night of his fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200 on July 9, Fox Sports reports.

He has been suspended by the UFC for a year and has also been dealt a $250,000 fine, while his win has been overturned and is now a "no contest."

It could have been worse for Lesnar, with CBS Sports reporting that a ban of up to two years was being considered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

And while $250,000 sounds like a lot to fine a player, you should bear in mind that Lesnar's total purse for UFC 200 was $2.5 million. Hunt wanted Lesnar to be fined his entire purse.

Lesnar won't be struggling for work in the interim either, he's still on the payroll with the WWE after signing a three-year, part-time contract extension in 2015.

He's due to make his next WWE pay-per-view experience at the Royal Rumble in January, after his last appearance at Survivor Series ended in a 90-second defeat to Goldberg.

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