Brodkorb attys say document leak an accident, sanctions hearing next week

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Attorneys for fired Minnesota Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb say the release of sealed documents regarding his wrongful termination suit was an accident and not intentional.

WCCO reports that in court filings Thursday, the attorneys say documents that were supposed to be filed under seal were accidentally posted to a public court site.

A list of lawmakers involved in extra-marital affairs according to Brodkorb was published on a federal courts web site and obtained by the Associated Press in July. The AP has chosen not to disclose the names.

Brodkorb is suing over his 2011 firing, which came after his extramarital affair with top Republican senator Amy Koch became known. His suit hinges on whether other GOP staffers were fired for having affairs with lawmakers.

Not long after the leak, in early August, Brodkorb parted ways with one of his attorneys.

Brodkorb's lawyers now say it would be drastic to toss the case over the error, reports the Associated Press. A sanctions hearing is set for next week.

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