Broken beaver dam causes flooding on northern MN road

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As far as reasons for a road closures go, this one is pretty unusual.

Grant McMahon Boulevard in St. Louis County is currently closed because it flooded – when a beaver dam gave way.

The St. Louis County Sheriff said the road is shut down between Burntside Lodge Road and Schaeffer Road near Ely.

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The road will remain closed as St. Louis County Public Works and sheriff's deputies wait for the water to recede to determine the extent of the damage.

Although uncommon, flooded roads caused by collapsed beaver dams do happen.

The Baltimore Sun reported this weekend on a dam that's been causing minor flooding on a road in Perryman, Maryland.

The Mail Online reports that a broken dam caused a flash flood that smashed into a house and road in rural Washington in 2012.

And last year a broken dam washed away a 150-foot section of road in the town of Mexico, New York, reported.

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