Brooklyn Center is getting a new logo – you can help pick it out

Which do you think represents the city best?

A north Minneapolis suburb is doing some rebranding and needs your help picking a new logo.

Brooklyn Center has been doing some research to come up with the emblem that best represents the city.

The research looked into the city's strengths and what residents are most proud of.

The four top strengths were determined to be diversity; location; affordable housing; and parks, trails and nature. The city tried to combine those themes into the logos.

Now you can vote for your favorite (and least favorite), as well as a new tagline: At the Center, Get Closer, and Within Reach.

To take the survey, click here.

In case you forgot the city's current logo, here it is:

City logo fun

Since we're on the topic of city logos, here's a piece from Streets.MN that's pretty fun.

The website had a "real life graphic designer" look at various city logos and evaluate/eviscerate them.

While the graphic designer didn't evaluate Brooklyn Center's old logo, he did poke some jabs at neighboring Brooklyn Park.

You can check out those articles here and here.

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