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Bruno Mars is back and he brought some 'Magic!'

Bruno Mars releases his new single "24K Magic," the title track from his new album out this November.

Mars Attacks!

Great news for Uptown Funksters of the world! Sir Bruno Mars has returned into our stratosphere with his brand new song "24K Magic." The title track from his new album, also announced for a November 18 release, Mars is combining the plush sounds of mid-80s funk-influenced R&B with a touch of late-70s vocoder talk-box action. He's also taking us to Las Vegas in the video for some timeless fun on the Sunset Strip.

Lots of champagne, lots of gambling, lots of girls, but as anyone who's ever worked on a film or video production can attest, the most impressive feature is somehow getting a casino to actually go along with shooting a video inside of it. That's usually a highly expensive and near-impossible task, thanks to extreme security measures.

Mars is set to be the musical guest on the October 15 episode of Saturday Night Live, with host Emily Blunt.

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